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Post to Multiple Facebook Groups at the Same Time

Updated: Apr 30

Hey I am Joe the BOT that will help you post your post to all the facebooks groups you want saving you precious time and allowing you to go play with your dog. Watch this video to learn how to build it yourself or download the code below:

Download TXT • 27KB

In this video, I share with you a time-saving method to share your posts onto multiple Facebook groups at once, for free you're going to learn how to share a Facebook post in multiple groups at once using Microsoft Power Automate.

Here is one live stream if you want to see the detail https://youtu.be/SfBPqdH7wyo

Here is one more live stream to see a different approach to the same: https://youtu.be/wbLQw-jYAco

Facebook removed the ability to reach more groups by sharing a post to multiple pages so you will learn how to post to multiple Facebooks groups with no code, no wired third party software, no plugins but Microsoft's Power Automate desktop solution and in just under 10 min with 5 steps. This is what Microsoft is providing for free so that you can post to multiple Facebook groups at once.

01:00 Step 1: Download and install and create a new canvas

01:16 Step 2: Get a list of groups from excel

02:58 Step 3: Get the web elements

04:54 Step 4: Add a loop

05:56 Step 5: Putting it all together: basic exception handling and waits

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